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The Best Mattress & Pillow For Every Kind Of Sleeper

If you fall into this camp, Haniya Rae, a mattress expert from Consumer Reports , recommends looking for a mattress การทดสอบสิ่งทอ ทางฟิสิกส์ that adjusts to the natural curve of the body. "To study mattresses for side sleepers, we take points along the spine and make sure they're parallel to the surface of a mattress. The firmness level depends on a person's body type and how much pushback they need because of their weight or height." Since side sleepers tend to move around during the night, she says a mattress like The Avocado Green , which has an internal pressure-point system to adjust to the bodys natural curves, is typically a good fit. In terms of pillows, look for something that's thick and supportive. "Dont forget to complete your spine alignment with a pillow between your bent legs," recommends functional medicine practitioner and chiropractor Mariza Snyder, D.C. "Im a huge fan of body pillows for this reason." If you can afford to splurge, Coyuchi's body pillow is made to relieve the strain on the shoulders and hips that side sleepers can sometimes experience, and its wool filling helps with temperature regulation. Like side sleepers, back sleepers should look for a mattress that supports the body's curves. According to Snyder, back sleepers should look for pillows that are on the thinner side to help the neck stay aligned with the spine. Coco-mat's Sithon pillow is a nice option because it's filled with natural rubber flakes that can be added and removed to craft the perfect thickness. Stomach sleepers are a relatively rare breed, composing only 5 percent or so of the population.

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Natural Latex Pillow VS Synthetic Rubber Pillow

Key benefits of Erawan special formulated latex pillow - Comfortable and highly elastic. It helps reduce Dompression on head, neck, and shoulder while sleeping. - Extremely durable and retaining its structure even after more than 10 years of use. - Distribute pressure evenly and improve the blood circulation. - Keep neck and spine in alignment throughout the night without sagging or flattening. - Naturally hypo-allergenic as dust-mite and bacteria could not survive and reproduce in the micro cells of latex foam so it is safe for hyper-allergenic and asthma sufferers. This is also very suitable for children and adults. - As the honeyDomb-open cell structure and pin hole design, it allows free air circulation and prevent bad doors. - Free from harmful toxic and environment friendly. - Hand or machine washable by using laundry bag and turn the slow speed. wow.chant rat.Dom wow.face book.com/erawanproduct Wechat: thai_product Line: 0619351464

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