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What the Digital Advertising Ecosystem Really Looks Like in 2018: Q&A with Oliver Whitten, COO, Adform

Get your company listed on WIREDEX GDPR has arrived, the world didn’t end, the industry hasn’t imploded, and the industry players who took GDPR preparation seriously have been in good shape, while those who ignored it, or were poorly advised, have had a more chaotic few days. As a privacy-by-design-based technology provider, and with our EU heritage, we were well-prepared and have been supporting our clients on preparation for the past year. It’s still early days, but we’re seeing that campaigns are delivering, budgets remain strong, and the channel is continuing to work well. Long story short, it has not been the doomsday scenario that some forecasted. The IAB has been working aggressively as a focal point for industry collaboration and doing great work, including a dedicated steering group that Adform’s CTO Jakob Bak has been heavily involved with and highlights the strengths when market players work collaboratively. The overall effect of GDPR so far has reaffirmed that everyone involved in the advertising value chain wants more control of their data and clarity over how it is used. This is as true for consumers as it is for advertisers and publishers and fully in line with the principles in the GDPR. Added transparency and mechanisms for control combined with standardisation is a net benefit for the industry, though it comes with some fallout. In the short term, buyers will need to adapt strategies and be agile as things adjust to a stable rhythm. It’s also likely that we’ll see some short-term consolidation in the market as those unprepared, or whose businesses face an existential threat from these changes, are impacted. These will also be balanced by positive upsides for others who have tools and services particularly well suited to a post-GDPR world.

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